The Wescoast Songwriter Conference was a total success...

It was really cool meeting Steve Seskin. He's a great songwriter but also a great performer. Tells a good story too...

There are many opportunities to perform or pitch your songs at the WCS Conference. I highly recommend it....

Jonathan Sorensen and Ian Crombie Jonathan Sorensen Jonathan Sorensen and Steve Seskin

This conference is where Sara Bareilles got started. She won their songwriting competition and performed at the open mic.

Probably one of the coolest things was helping at the instrument check. I got to meet all kinds of people not to mention shooting the breeze with the other folks managing the instrument check.

One of the best things about the WCS Conference is that they have a long concert one night. There are the winners of the songwriting contest but the founders get up and perform as well as some of the notables. Steve Seskin mesmerized the crowd. What a talent that guy is.

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