- Jon was raised without television for most of his childhood. His family often spent evenings learning to hambone from his father, playing rythm games, telling stories, singing songs or putting on plays with his older sisters for their parents.

- Jon was a vegetarian until he was about 24 or 25.

- In 1994 Jon toured with X-Rated, Richard Scobie's band in Iceland.
Jon taught English in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for one year.

- Jon traveled Ethiopia for a month.

- Jon suffered from altitude sickness while trekking in the Annapurnas in Nepal. ±

Though I was born in California and spent a year or two in Colorado, from the age of 4 or so I was raised in a farmhouse in Corbett Oregon, a beautiful little town on the Columbia River Gorge. I was one of five.

My parents sought to raise us away from the influences of mainstream society and most of my childhood we didn't have a television. We also rarely listened to the radio. However, my father played piano and taught my sisters
Without some form of entertainment we spent many evenings, talking, singing, telling stories or even putting on performances for my parents. Ocassionally I would entertain the family by imitating my father's boss.

I remember taking piano lessons and still laugh when I think about how I waited practically holding my breath to practice. I just couldn't wait. I kept asking my mom if it was time and she finally laughed and said, you don't have to wait to practice, you can practice whenever you want.

I deeply regret that when my piano teacher moved away, my parents didn't find me another. I've forgotten almost everything I learned. However, my sister decided to take up guitar. She had the Mel Bay guitar book number 1. I was fascinated. Music seemed like magic to me. My sister lost interest and I picked up the mel bay book and her guitar and began to teach myself. I often got so frustrated with my fingers that I would break a pencil into pieces and tape my fingers around the pieces in certain shapes, hoping to force my fingers to stay in the correct form for a chord. By the time I was in middle school, I had my own radio and I'd heard Eddie Van Halen. It was all over then.
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