- A lot of people feel it's a violation of art to use digital effects or auto tune or electronic/digital instruments to create music. However, I think they miss the point of music. Sound has a visceral effect on the human animal. Music is sound that evokes an emotional response. I don't care what "instrument" is used. A musician will find a way to create beauty or anger or sadness or joy whether it's a couple of spoons, a hollow log, a computer, a garbage can, a digital sequencer or an instrument of string and wood.

- So to summarize, my philosophy is simple: Do not molest, torment, deny, denigrate, irritate yourself or other living things. Seek to nurture, assist, appreciate, love, care for yourself and other living things. Seek to serve and touch other humans in all that you do. And for me, music is what I do.   ±

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